Safety and Loss Control

The FRSA Self Insurers Fund has four full-time Loss Control Representatives dedicated to assisting the Members in reducing and preventing injuries. Each representative has a low designated number of Members to service, providing the necessary time to accomplish each Member's safety and loss control goals.

  • We provide safety meetings, job site inspections, shop inspections, and construction pre-inspections with the goal of preventing workplace injuries.
  • We will also help you in investigating any injuries that may occur to analyze what may have gone wrong to help prevent a recurrence in the future.
  • Our Loss Control Representatives are trained in all aspects of OSHA and other safety regulations.
  • We provide a comprehensive Loss Control Manual free of charge to all Members that can serve as the Member's adopted written safety program.
  • We can assist you in establishing training for a Florida Qualified Drug Free Workplace and will even share in the cost of setup and administration with you.
  • We believe in providing safety as a service, helping you and your employees by preventing injuries in the workplace.
Remember, the least expensive injury is the injury that never occurs.